Read what our satisfied customers have to say about the service they received from Debbie’s Boat Detailing!

Chaparral Signature 290 Detail Work

I wanted to reach out to and let you know how pleased I am with your team’s work on my Chaparral Signature 290 cruiser. The boat is a 2006 model; however, the gel-coat looks as good if not better than new thanks to your recent detail work. Your team spent a lot of time and put in the necessary effort to make her shine. I have had a similar detail done at a marina but am pleased to say your work is better. I noticed your team member looking very closely at all the “nooks and crannies” to make sure nothing was overlooked. Your team also washed everything down upon completion, including my dock. It’s nice to do business with a reputable company.

Robert Wainland, P.A.
Senior Investment Advisor

I would highly recommend Debbie's Boat Cleaning Services to anyone in the Fort Lauderdale area in need of such services. I had a severe problem with my 47' sailing catamaran docked in Fort Lauderdale and on the market for sale. I thought the listing sales agent was checking on the boat on a regularly basis, as I live several thousand miles away, but he wasn't and as a result the interior of the boat became mildew and mold infested due excessive moisture and lack of attention.

I found Debbie/s Boat Cleaning with a Google search on Feb 17, 2016 and talked to her (Debbie) that day. She immediately went to the boat and assessed the situation and confirmed with pictures the mold and mildew situation. Within 24 hours she gave an estimate for her services, which was very competitive with other boat cleaning services I had contacted. I decided to use her services and she had people on the boat cleaning within a few days. Ten days after I agreed to use her services, the boat was clean and ready to be shown to potential buyers again. I'm sure anyone who reads this letter, Debbie can share the before and after pictures of the tremendous job she and her crew did in such a short period of time. I cannot thank Debbie enough for her professionalism in dealing with matter on a timely and completive basis.

CJ "Chuck" Abrams
Silverthorne, CO

Thank You ~ Owner of Somewhere With You

November 22, 2015

Hi Debbie,

I can’t thank you and your crew enough for the care and attention to detail you levy on the “Somewhere With You”. This became even more apparent to me this month when I worked from the home office coincidentally on the same day you were doing a topside and hull wax on her. I was very surprised when everyone showed up promptly at 7AM and did not leave until it was almost dark. I was even more astonished that you never took a breakfast, lunch or dinner break because you wanted to make sure the job was finished on time and as promised. I think myself and other yacht / boat owners may take for granted the work, care and passion you and your team put into your profession and trade. If I had not been there all day long to witness the amount of time, effort and labor involved I never would be able to fully appreciate just what you do and the attention to detail that is involved. I hope you share this testament with anyone and everyone that may be interested and use me as a personal reference. We have worked together for years and you provide a top notch service at very favorable economics. Thank you again for taking care and loving the “Somewhere With You” as much as I do.

All my best and thank you again,

Bob O’Braitis
Chief Investment Strategist
Lansdowne / Boca Raton Private Wealth Management


Maintenance of a 29-foot Sea Ray

Over the past year and a half, Debbie Huth and her crew have kept my vessel “Liberator II” (a 29-foot Sea Ray) in pristine condition. They have maintained her with the highest levels of quality and attention to detail. Debbie has always kept me informed about new products and been proactive with her services. Her company is regarded highly and sought after in the Boca–Lighthouse Point area and during all Miami/Ft. Lauderdale boat shows. As a businessman, value and customer service are at the top of my list. Deb is no different as she understands these concepts and will undoubtedly be very successful in all of her business ventures.

Jeff Hansen, MSgt. USMC (Ret)
Owner, ETS, Inc./GAC Ltd.

Maintenance of 33-foot Sea Ray Express Cruiser 

This letter is to acknowledge the outstanding services that Debbie’s Boat Detailing provides for our 33-foot Sea Ray Express Cruiser. I am always in search of good people to do business with in South Florida, and I feel very fortunate to have had Debbie recommended to me. As a remote owner of our boat, I am extremely cautious of who I hire to keep her in superior condition. The boat was 10 years old when we purchased her. It was obvious that the previous owner deferred the waxing after he knew the boat was going to be on the market

I remember when Debbie looked at the boat for the first time and she was not sure how well she was going to be able to bring it back to life, but said she would certainly work as hard as possible to give her that like new shine. Debbie and a crew of four arrived to detail the boat around 6:30 a.m. and worked nearly a full day making sure the boat met her standards. To both of our surprise, the boat came out great and looked brand new! 

Several people have commented that they thought the boat was new and could not believe it was over 10 years old. Debbie’s crew washes our boat once every two weeks and does a quarterly detail job. I keep my boat docked at a facility with 24/7 management, and they always comment on how dependable Debbie’s Boat Detailing is when it comes to our boat. It is nice to know that when I arrive in Ft. Lauderdale all I have to do is jump in the boat and turn the key because the appearance always looks great! I certainly would recommend Debbie’s Boat Detailing to anyone who is in search of a very dependable company to help keep their boat looking great.


Mark O. Roberts III - Boat Dock Classifieds

Washing and waxing a 50-foot sailboat

Debbie’s Boat Detailing has been washing and waxing my 50-foot sailboat for approximately one and a half years. I have found Debbie to be both professional and competent. Her attention to detail and the care she takes in executing her work are second to none. I have owned this boat for over ten years and have suffered through numerous boat washers and none compare to Debbie’s work. I am more than happy to recommend her company to anyone who truly loves their boat.

Maurice Hayes
President, Intercounty Engineering, Inc.

Washing and waxing a 43-foot Cockpit Motor Yacht

Contrary to what many people think, most boat owners are not millionaires. They are simply people that have worked hard, been blessed and enjoy being on the water. And of course, a very important part of boating is keeping the boat clean.

Debbie Huth has been washing and waxing my 43-foot Cockpit Motor Yacht for nearly three years. Prior to Debbie, I cycled through a variety of people that claimed to know what they were doing. I began to think that I would never find an honest, reliable company to take care of my boat cleaning needs – that is until I found Debbie.

What sets Debbie apart from others in her field is her work ethic and honesty. And, unlike many boat washing services, Debbie has the ability to analyze a boat’s strengths and weaknesses and develop a boat care program that keeps the boat looking its best – all the time.  

Debbie is the best that I have seen.  I wholeheartedly recommend her.

Phil Grey, Owner of “Ladigole,” 43-foot Carver CMY